About Spectacles Improv Engine

To build and nurture a family of dedicated improvisers, to cultivate an audience of passionate fans, and to grow the greater improv community by providing a home for learning, connecting, and a variety of quality entertainment.
- Our Mission Statement

Founded in 2005 with the creation of The Lobby—our first flagship short-form team—Spectacles Improv Engine has since grown exponentially. The creation of teams like The Flyspace, Ghostlight, Marquee, Trapdoor, the Society, and others established us as the premier destination for improv comedy in Orange County for a family of around 50 regular performers.

The creation of IFL, our long-running competitive "improv sports league" brought a huge influx of talent and interest to the community when it burst onto the scene in 2013.

In 2010, Spectacles produced the Orange County Improv Cup, a two-day event that brought in improv talent from all across Orange County to compete in a short-form improv tournament. The Improv Cup changed the landscape of Orange County improv by building connections among local teams. Spectacles also produced the first annual Orange County Improv Festival in 2013 to bring in talent from across the country and show that Orange County is a legitimate improv region.

None of this would be possible without our class program. Spectacles offers classes for people interested in learning improv and produces shows for our students to get a chance to perform. Many of the performers you see on stage every Friday and Saturday are current or former students of our training program.

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