Improv Training Program

Our Mission

We do not strive to create a specific form or show philosophy. We want our students to play their style of improv at its peak, instead of trying to make all students play our style of improv. Our students should be able to go to any theater or join any team, and seamlessly utilize the skills and tools they learned at Spectacles.


Browse our curriculum and then select from one of the current class sessions to begin your registration. You must be at least 18 years of age to enroll in our classes.

All classes have a four-student minimum. If class is canceled due to low registration (or any other factor) you will receive a full refund (including registration fee).


Our five-week classes are $199. If you need to repeat a focus, the cost is only $79.

We offer reduced-rate tuition. These offers can be combined:

  • High school or college students get $20 off with valid student ID
  • Drop-in veterans who attend eight or more drop-in classes get $20 off

We also offer tuition in the form of payment plans and scholarships. Please e-mail to inquire.

Drop-in Classes

If a full training program isn't what you're after, consider one of our drop-in classes. These two-hour improv sessions are great for getting your feet wet or sharpening your skills. Find out more about our drop-in classes here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we've got answers. What's an improv class like? Do you have to be funny? What's our student attendance policy? Find out the answers to these questions and more on our brand-new FAQ page!

Course Curriculum

your improv journey starts here

We offer a full complement of improv classes designed to take you from improv newbie to experience vet. Our training is based on the same techniques that have brought nearly all of our performers to the Specs stage.

There are two paths through our training program:

  • New Improvisers simply take all classes from Improv 101 to Improv 303 (101a optional).
  • Veteran Improvisers can start with Improv 101a, then take classes from the 201-303 track suggested by their 101a instructor.

Improv 401: Ensemble is an optional course that will be offered periodically.

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

Our core class. New improvisers should start here.

We teach you the basic improv techniques you will need to start your journey. Learn the basics of listening, agreement, support, stagecraft, and just having fun on stage!

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

Already an improviser, or want to skip ahead? Start here.‚Äč

Featuring exercises from all our other classes, this is a great way to "test out" of our other classes. Instructors will provide students with a personalized path through the rest of our curriculum.

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

The essential building block for characters!

This class teaches effective methods of how to make emotional choices that matter, how to hold on to them, and how to use them to build full, rich, and memorable characters.

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

Everyone has strong opinions, and your character you should too!

Point of view is how your character sees the world and interacts with it. Focus on discovering a point of view early in the scene and use it to drive your character's wants and desires.

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

Connect with your scene partner!

Your scene partner is the only other real thing on stage. Learn to connect what you learned in 201 and 202 with what your scene partner is doing to create interesting, grounded, powerful character relationships.

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

Look, listen, react!

This class teaches advanced methods for making your scene important. What is actually being said is more than the words being used. Learn to pick up on emotion, tone, physicality--and other things that the audience is noticing--to make your scenes pop.

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

Bring the specificity, bring the noise!

This class focuses on using specific choices that create dynamic characters, interesting environments, and unique relationships. It will also teach you how to give those specifics as gifts, and how to make them important.

Length: 5 Weeks, 2 hour sessions
Cost: $199

Do it again, better!

This class takes the lessons you learned in 301 and 302 and teaches you how to raise the stakes, play the game, or map the scene, and to do so without immediately waging nuclear war on the moon.

Length: TBD
Cost: TBD

In this class, you'll be assigned a coach who will guide you to creating your own improv form based on your team's unique philosophy. Teams formed out of 401 will perform together for four months and may go on to become a regular team after their run.

New Focus Curriculum Coming Soon

Our new and improved Focus program is currently under development. 

Until then, please consider checking out one of our drop-in classes!